Why Outsource BPO?

Call Center Outsourcing has become an important phenomenon accepted by all the business sectors worldwide since a long time now. Outsourcing of BPO services has progressed from being, just a cost saving tool, to a strategy, adopted to realize process enhancement with superior operational efficiencies. Large organizations have already realized that cost savings, is one of the major benefits, achieved by outsourcing to call centers. Offshore call centers are staffed by professional & experienced Call Center Customer Care Representatives, Outbound Telemarketing Professionals and expert management meant for smooth running of all the operations in an Outsourcing firm.

Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing

  • State-of-the-art technology.
  • Thorough study of process before implementation.
  • Multi-channel approach.
  • Ability to handle highly volume.
  • Savings on labor costs.
  • Savings through operational efficiencies.

BPO Outbound Call Center Services

We provide Outbound Telemarketing Services which comprises of an innovative Call Center Setup, equipped with all the latest tools, which enable us to make successful marketing calls for your products and services. Each Outbound Call is recorded so as to ensure that the quality of the Outbound Calls made from the Call Center, are not deteriorated at any stage of the ongoing conversation between the agent and the prospect customer. Our experience and expertise in handling Outbound Call Center Services makes it possible to successfully accomplish, each project we undertake for marketing and sales of the products and services, offered by you.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment setting has been the keystone of generating new business avenues. It is the most qualified business-to-business communication medium, which requires a detailed administrative program to ensure that the appointments are scheduled, by each field representative in an ingenious manner.

Inbound Services - Inbound Customer Service Call Center

Outsourcing your Call Center needs and letting us handle your customer will lead to higher levels of satisfaction for your customer in turn yielding productive benefits for your business.

Answering Service

We, specialize in offering, effective and accurate answering services that saves the valuable time, and money of the callers.

Order Taking

Our Inbound Order Taking Call Center attends your calls 365 days, so that you don�t loose any of those crucial sales or inbound calls. Customer Service: Outreach has a proven track record in the development of a complete turnkey customer relationship management program, and hence renders you, with optimum results which could prove to be higher than your expectations.

Inquiry Handling

The Inbound Call Centers are built with the purpose of having an information center, which handles all sorts of inquiries, made by the customers. Information Center have all the informations required for answering the Inbound Calls made by the customers and the professionals handling these calls, have thorough understanding of the products or services, offered by your company.

Technical Support Services

At OutreachTechnical Support Outsourcing has evolved from simple call handling to business process re engineering. The IT Help Desk has expanded to the integrated Service Desk. India has proven its capabilities in strategic Call Center Technical Support Outsourcing, both for Onsite, as well as Offshore Outsourcing.

We provide inbound and loyalty sales programs, including cross-sell and up-sell services, that generate tens of millions of dollars in new business for our clients We have considerable domain knowledge in running these processes across a range of industry verticals.

A trained team of our agents perform high volume outbound calling that can increase your sales representatives productivity, turn your customer/prospect database into a powerful marketing tool and make a significant impact on your bottom line.


To help meet increasing customer demand and for ways to communicate with businesses other than via traditional telephone, we offer a comprehensive range of options for its clients to deploy as needed, which includes:

Data Capture, Conversion, Imaging and Indexing Services

Outreach First BPO offers Data Capture including Data Entry and OCR/ICR services. This includes capturing of identified data from any media (paper, electronic file, images, CD, microfilm, email and audio) and digitising it on a mass scale using manual methods, automated readers, OCR, ICR, OMR, bar code readers etc. to produce the required output format at the desired accuracy.

Scanning is used to convert graphics or text into non-searchable electronic form. Click & Capture, using OCR technology and software validation, allows for the automated capture of content from one content source for insertion into another - without operator keystrokes. Combined with proofreading, accuracy rates can reach as high as 99.995